What Do Your Characters Fear Most?

Killer Instincts
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Class Dates: 
January 2 - 31
Kathy Otten

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Fear is a basic component of the human experience and can be an integral part of your story. In this workshop, you’ll delve into your character’s psyche to discover how fear creates the underlying emotion which drives your characters either toward or away from their goal. Using that fear can drive the conflict and increase the tension on every page. 

Instructor Bio: 

Kathy Otten is the published author of three historical romance novels and multiple short stories. She is a workshop presenter and teaches classes on the craft of writing both on line and at her local adult education center. She is a recent winner of the Northwest Houston RWA Lone Star Writing Competition. http://www.kathyotten.comkathy@kathyotten.com

Tread Lightly

Tread lightly...But know that while we are all working together here, the conversation can turn quickly to death, destruction and mayhem. And we are fine with that. We'll even abet you as you work to do the same, to become the best spinner of romantic mysteries and thrillers that you can be. So come on in, the water's warm...as blood.